Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring break day 3 & 4

Spring break day 4

We spent the only sumwhat nice day at the park. It was nice to get some fresh air, With all the sickness we have had at our house.

We had a picnic and the girls had a race. MaKayla won for sure, But McKenzie just got over being sick.

Crew loved the swings...And of course the girls loved them too.

The girls wanted me to do twisties with beads in their hair. And of course my point and shoot camera stinks.So we didnt get good pictures. My other camera at the time was still full of Dance pics..I cannot wait to get them off of there and use my camera again.

For spring break day 3...It was cold again, So we went grocery shopping ( Not fun at all), Then we redboxed it and rented high school Musical 3. The girls had seen it but I had not. it was cute! Then the girls decided it was time for make-overs. So they did their nails. I had to use our point & shoot camera which stinks. So sorry about the quality of these photos.

MaKayla did her toe nails like a lady bug.

And of course McKenzie did pink.


Shelly said...

It hasn't been the warmest spring break but I have actually enjoyed the time at home with the kids. You are such a good mom.

The Johnson's Jungle said...

Love the ladybug style! so cute. Sounds like you guys are keeping busy during their break. Hope everyone is feeling better!

Lydia said...

It has been a hard weekend for spring break but they say next week should be better.

The Walch Family said...

Sounds like you've had some fun!

I thought this looked fun and was curious to see who would acually do it. So, even if I do not know you, sign the guestbook