Monday, July 28, 2008

3d concert

The Girls have been waiting months for the 3d concert to come to Disney of Hannah Montanna/Jonas Brothers. So as a family we watched it together. Of course we had a few silly comments from Dad but it was a fun night.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Pioneer day activities

For Pioneer day, we had four really fun stops. The first stop of the day was to the Pioneer park. We walked through the museum and old Pioneer village, looked at all the fun shops, and the girls panned for gold. Amazingly enough, they both found a piece.

Our 2nd stop was to my mom and dads for some hot day water fun. The girls enjoyed playing with their uncle Chad and his new super soaker water gun.Thanks Mom & Dad for the day of fun!

Our 3rd stop was to our friends the Kallas's for dinner. They made us some yummy chicken, salad, fruit, rolls with Jesiccas homemade jam and to top it off brownies and Ice-cream for dessert. YEP!! We were spoiled. it was fun! Thanks for having us over guys.

Kade serenades the girls with his great guitar playing.
Our fourth and final stop was our Friends the Barney's for fireworks in Mapleton. They have a nice big deck that we have watched them for years now on. It is always a great time. Thanks Jerid & Jen for the invite!

I saved the best for last. Our friendly neighborhood police officer officer Barney, Shows us Fire Safety.- Ummmmm that is what not to do!! Hello Jerid get out of the fireworks!!!!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Our vacation To Powder Mountain

We took a week vacation up to Powder Ridge Resort by Edan. It was a week of mostly relaxing. We had planned on taking the boat up to the reservoir one day, but the Condo suggested we didn't. There was no where to store the boat and the hill getting their was quite steep. WOW! was that an understatement. We barely made it up in our mini van. We were having transmission issues. So we decided we would not be going back down the hill again till we left. I was sad I wanted to take the girls HorseBack Riding one day. Oh well. We spent every day at the pool and clubhouse, where we enjoyed the game room, basketball Court, Playing pool and ping pong. You can click on The pages to see bigger views of our pictures. believe it or not these are not all the pictures I took.

I am sad it is over it wasn't long enough. However because it was my parents time share and we didnt go anywhere, the entire trip only cost us $100. thank goodness we are broke!

We spent every day at the pool. Some of out favorite activities were.. throwing the squishy ball and catching it. Floating on Kickboards and splashing each other. These are only a few of our pictures. I went camera happy.
Oh and I posted a new hair tip and digi kit, sorry it took so long.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Girls New Bangs!

The girls have been bugging me forever, to give them bangs like hannah Montanna and Demi Lovato. I told them after Stadium of fire. Sure enough that day they were begging for them. So we did it. I think they look so much older. It is so funny to watch them admiring themselves in the mirror. If you are wondering if bangs are for you, you can check out my salon site to the right. There is a whole section on bangs.
If you like the girls bangs make sure to comment on their blogs (to the right) and let them know. They are so excited about it.

McKenzie ...............MaKayla

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Stadium of Fire

Scott & I had the Rare opportunity to attend the Stadium of Fire Dress rehersal. They usually let no one but show members do this. I got pictures of the girls that I otherwise would not, because As you will see below, for the actual Stadium of Fire we have nosebleed seats and could not get good pictures of the girls. I hope you will read my comments about each event. Everyone performed except for Miley that night. The girls have some different shots on their blogs. Please go check them out and leave a comment. Thank you!

Some of our Front & Center dancers.

It was funny. When they had the jets fly over they showed a member from the blue man group as if he was flying the jet upside down.

Scott feeding the flag through the stands. You will see this on the main stadium of fire pictures,


The amazing Sky Divers in the opening show!

Blue man groups True Identity!

The stadium dancers had to do a seven minute routine. Each summer olympic sport was covered in the dance. they had three days of practicing at the stadium in the HOT summer sun. Several dancers had to be hospitalized or treated for dehydration, passing out, heat stroke etc. I was so proud of the girls. They hung in there did great and never complained once.

The girls coming out on the field

Horse jumping

Boxing runners

Wrestling tennis, baseball

Basket ball

Bicyclers- the end!

IT's time for the Show!! And the girls were ready!

I always love the pre show! The jets flying over are so cool and LOUD!!!! I always tear up when the United States flag comes out!

The huge flags that came over the audience. These are the same flags Scott was under last night at the rehersal. They say Courage, purity and loyalty, to represent the colors.

Stadium of fire dancers. I have to say it was cool getting to see it from above tonight. it is amazing to see them from way up high! They all did great! Even though I needed binnoculars to see the girls.

My girls 2 out of 1300 dancers!

BLUE MAN GROUP- they were great! I really was entertained. The show was funny, the music great! And who could resist the blue faces. If you read above then you got a sneak peak of Blue man groups true identity. Sorry about my nosebleed seat pictures. I didn't bring my high zoom lense. I didn't think they would let me in with it. So most were taken from the screen.

MILEY!!! The moment we were all waiting for. gotta tell you I was not impressed at all. She only sang three of her songs everyone knows. The rest were new ones that I didn't care for to much. She spent most of the time drinking her water bottle. Over all I say it was not her best performance. her voice did not even sound that great. But the girls screamed like crazy!

FIREWORKS- Best I have ever seen. Every year they get better and better.There is nothing like being in the stadium for them.

I thought this looked fun and was curious to see who would acually do it. So, even if I do not know you, sign the guestbook