Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I am a winner! I am so excited!

I love........

This is what I won!!!! Darling SHI SHU BLANKET. I cannot wait to use it for my photography and my little Crew too. I never win anything. You guys have to check it out. They have like giveaways on tons of way cute stuff every day!!! The link is to the right on my blog! I hope you all win too!


julie said...

Oh my goodness! look how big your baby is. He is just beautiful! And you look great, too. hope all is well with you and that you are finally getting a little bit of spring!

Kelsi said...

Hey Girly,I have not said hi for a while! Looks like you had a fun but chilly spring break! I hope you are all feeling better now! That little Crew is to stinking cute!

I thought this looked fun and was curious to see who would acually do it. So, even if I do not know you, sign the guestbook