Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Snow Fun

Me personally....HATE THE SNOW!!!! always have. But my family enjoys it. After the first snow fall the girls and dad snow plowed the neighborhood. They had a lot of fun.
Then the next 3 days of snow I had to shovel my guts out while Scott looked for work. I have never shoveled that much in my life. When is spring?

Brrr...... MaKayla falls down in the snow

Wait what just happened there.

snow angels


Natalie said...

I'm with you. HATE the snow. But I'm glad the kids have fun in it.

Ellie said...

Hey, We have your computer done! Everything is working just fine! I lost your phone number, and we are going out of town tomorrow so call me in the morning as soon as you get this and we'll drop it off on our way out of town!

Lydia said...

The girls looked like they had fun. I can't beleive how much we are getting. It does make it feel like Christmas.

Kelsi said...

Looks like your girls had "SNOW" much fun! Good luck with finding work! You will be in my prayers! Love you! Merry Christmas!

Shelly said...

Our kids and husbands are so much a like. They have had a blast playing in the snow. Our plow has already had to be fixed from plowing so much snow. I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas!

Despain said...

Way to capture McKayla's fall with pictures. I'm sick of the snow too! There's a reason I grew up in the desert! Glad you had a good Christmas.

I thought this looked fun and was curious to see who would acually do it. So, even if I do not know you, sign the guestbook