Friday, April 4, 2008

The girls have been bugging Scott & I to build a Volcano with them for a while, So last night it was a family activity. They did great! Here are the steps we used in case you want to build one at home. this is a real eay one to do.

1st- Tape or glue a water bottle to cardboard.

2nd-Take wads of paper (or we used plastic bags) and tape them around the water bottle in a mountain shape.

3rd- place a piece of alluminum foil over the top and form. poke a hole at the top of the water bottle.

4th- once it is covered with foil you can paint, spray paint or whatever to color your volcano. My girls used craft paint.

5th- Explode your volcano- Put in the water bottle 60 ml. water, a couple drops of dish soap, orange or red food coloring. ( My girls did pink!Girly volcano) Then add 1/4 cup vinegar. next take 2 tblsp. baking soda and put in a thin square tissue. When you are ready to erupt, place the baking soda in the top. ( We doubled this- because we had a large bottle)

Make sure you check out the girls blogs they will have an eruption video posted on theres.


Kelsi Ackley said...

Looks like fun! I will have to try this as I am sure the boys would love it! How much longer until you can find out what you are having???

Anonymous said...

this is sooo cool! I'm glad to have the instructions. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

that is cool!!!!!! from makayla

Luv2blog said...

thanks I am going to try this with my kids!

I thought this looked fun and was curious to see who would acually do it. So, even if I do not know you, sign the guestbook