Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Swim lessons and hiding deer

So we showed up at swimming lessons today because they wrote the 16th on my card only to find out they started on Monday... that made me mad. Then the girls hated their swimming teacher Even Scott who usually says nothing commented that she was a natzi teacher. She thought it was like swimming boot camp. They were crying and carrying on about being sick. OK anyone that knows the girls knows they LOVE the water. They have looked forward to swimming lessons for weeks. You can see on their faces...Dad get me out of here.( Thanks Scott for taking pictures) I was unable since I was in the mommy tot class with Crew.
needless to say I switched their class they had to go down one level where there was a spot. Which did not matter to me since they are in the last level and know how to swim. i just wanted them to have fun. The manager said she has had other complaints..the problem is she is a swim coach for a swim team alot different than little kids. So we switched to the next time. WAALA they are happy and those belly aches magically went away. They love the new teacher. Seriously... arent swimming lessons about having fun too. SO All of us went double duty with lessons so i guess we made up for missing yesterday.

MaKayla & McKenzie after 8 pool laps. that was the first 10 minutes of class.

Crew has loved the water since day 1. He loves the bath and wants to stay and splash, so it was no suprise to me that he would love swimming lessons. too. Even though he was the youngest one in the group, he did really well. especially for going through 2 sessions in one day.

I think he is still practicing bubbles. He didn't quite get it, but then again he is only 8 mnths. old. I can't expect miracles

With the Deer hunt coming up, our family With the insistance of Scott go out on drives to see what we can see. We drove up Squaw peek. it was pretty. the girls goofed off as usual when we got to the lookout. We did see a few deer pictured below.

Does he really think he is fooling anyone? I admit they are hard to see this time of year. But this buck had huge ears. They are just now starting to grow their horns.


The Walch Family said...

Swimming lessons should be a non-threatening place. Teachers like the first one your girls had shouldn't be there to work with the younger kids. I would be so angry if I took my daughter to a lesson with someone like that. Aargh!

The Johnson's Jungle said...

Was this at Veteran's pool? Because Jordan's teacher was similar to the one you mentioned. Definitely shouldn't be teaching children! I'm glad you found a good teacher-- and that they are now having fun swimming!

Shell said...

I decided to have my kids take lessons the first week in July. I am glad that your girls and Crew are enjoying them now that you made the switch. I agree...Swimming lessons should be fun.

Angie said...

LOVE the pics at Squaw Peak...gorgeous! And nice shot of that deer. Those are huge ears!
The teacher TOTALLY makes the difference...glad they were able to switch. My girls are going to take swimming this year for the first time...
I LOVe the pic with you in the pool with Crew. You look great!

Klin said...

We start in July and if we get the Nazi swim teacher I'll be teaching her how to teach kids!

Swim lessons should totally be fun.

I love the nature shots. Guess it's time for ride up the canyon.

Lydia said...

It sounds like you are getting into summer now.

Jesicca said...

I don't blame you for being upset. Your girls LOVE the water and I know how they look forward to summer for that reason. Way to stick with it and insure they were switched. I don't blame them for having sudden illnesses. Crew is darling!

I thought this looked fun and was curious to see who would acually do it. So, even if I do not know you, sign the guestbook