Saturday, September 11, 2010

dance for 2011

Well the year has started. The girls decided to try out at a different studio this year for a little change. Tryouts went good and they made the two top spots at the dance studio during auditions. I was a little nervous at this because I was afraid they would not grow But I have seen a huge change in their confidance level which has brought on amazing dance skills I did not even know they had. I am amazed every time I watch them dance. I am wishing I had big bucks to let them go somewhere like Center Stage since both want to excell in dance and even be dance teachers someday. For now they are happy have a ton of friends. Every day it seems a new friend from dance is over to play. Not sure how this year will play out or if it is a long term change at this point or just for the year, only they can decide that. But I want them to be progressing and pushed. Can that happen at the new studio? Not sure.
McKenzie is so excited for her solo this year and partly because Alexis ( who we all think is the best choereographer) is still going to teach her her solo. the girls miss her dearly. MaKayla wants a break this year from solos. it will be her first year not doing one since they were 4 yrs old.
McKenzie had her arial at the beginning of summer and I dont know what happened there but she is scared to death to do them again. growing maybe? Could be she is a couple inches taller than MaKayla now.
I hope you all will come to their recital in November. I have watched their dances and boy have these girls improved as far as facials and really getting into the dance. Cant wait to see what this year brings but I am still nervous.

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