Sunday, July 25, 2010

Crew Bugs Surgery day!

Crew had a Herinia he had to have surgery on. it was not a fun day. And it hasn't been fun since. It has been a week and he hasn't broke his temperature of 102, 103 the whole week. I took him back to the dr and he had two ear infections. He has now been on antiobiotics for over 24 hours and still a high fever. I do not understand it. the poor kid is miserable. On top of all this McKenzie has been in bed for over a week with a flu,cold thing that MaKayla & I just got over, but for some reason she is not getting better either. I have always tried not to be a person that trys not to says why me but it has been so hard lately not to say it.


Natalie said...

Poor little guy!

The Johnson's Jungle said...

You're a champ Danielle! You deserve a healthy family from here on out! I hope things look up for you!

I thought this looked fun and was curious to see who would acually do it. So, even if I do not know you, sign the guestbook